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The Enlightened Moment
A Psycho-Spiritual Workshop/Satsang Event led by Richard Harvey

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From January - June, 2018, Richard Harvey is offering THE ENLIGHTENED MOMENT, a 3-day psycho-spiritual workshop / satsang event for groups of 10 - 50 participants in international locations (see the current schedule to the right). If you would like to host and / or coordinate this event for your group of spiritual seekers / practitioners, please contact Robert Meagher, the co-founder of the Center for Human Awakening, at [email protected].

THE ENLIGHTENED MOMENT provides a physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual exploration of your personal and spiritual growth and development with the aim of freeing your body, mind, and spirit and furthering your personal evolution in true consciousness.

This event comprises a process of uncovering and revealing your deepest truth with psycho-spiritual teacher Richard Harvey as your guide. The initiating evening session begins with introductions, sharing, and anticipating the process to come. The first day begins with psycho-physical exercises and movement to free the body and put you in touch with your energy and emotions. In the afternoon the group divides into pairs or smaller groups so that each individual can explore further. The day will end with a sharing and review of the day for integration and healing.

On the second day we begin with a Satsang. You may bring your questions to Richard who will respond from his experience and spiritual wisdom to your psycho-spiritual enquiries, dilemmas, and uncertainties. The later morning and afternoon will be guided by the themes and insights that have evolved and presented throughout the event and the day will close with an ending ceremony.

The Enlightening Moment itinerary may unfold as follows: (please note some of these timings may change in response to the needs of the group):


6.00pm Participants arrive
6.30pm Introduction to the event and group sharing
9.00pm Evening session ends


9.30am   Participants arrive
10.00am Introduction to the first day
10.20am SAT somatics, a session of psycho-physical exercise designed to increase energy flow
               emotional connection, and natural expression based on the principles of Sacred Attention
               Therapy(please bring or wear loose clothing)
11.30am Refreshments break
12.00pm Sharing about the SAT somatics session with further psycho-physical exploration,
               individually and in group
1.00pm   Break for lunch and relaxation
2.00pm   Psycho-emotional exploration in pairs or smaller groups
3.30pm   Refreshments break
3.50pm   Group sharing and time for healing, integration, insights, and a review of the day
5.00pm   First day ends


9.30am   Participants arrive
10.00am Introduction to the second day
10.20am Satsang: a time for psycho-spiritual questions and “being in the company of Truth” (the
               meaning of satsang)
11.30am Refreshments break
12.00pm Psycho-spiritual exploration in the group setting
1.00pm   Break for lunch and relaxation
2.00pm   The last experiential session of the event is spontaneous and arises from the themes and
               insights that have evolved over the weekend
3.30pm   Refreshments break
3.50pm  Group sharing and time for healing, integration, and encouragements for participants to
              follow up their work
4.30pm  Closing ceremony
4.45pm  Event ends

Richard Harvey is a psychotherapist, spiritual teacher, and the author of many books. He is the Founder/Director of The Center for Human Awakening and the creator of The Way of Sacred Attention, a comprehensive psycho-spiritual approach to the complete development of human beings.

Confirmed locations and dates:

​Follow hyperlinked events below for details and registration of that event.

(Details for other locations forthcoming.)

Budapest                                    Jan 26-28

Exmouth                                     Feb 7 / 10

Dublin                                         Feb 15 / 16
Limerick                                      Feb 23-25

Bristol, Bristol                             Mar 2-3
Kidsgrove, Stoke-on-Trent         Mar 5
Marston, Northwich, Cheshire    Mar 7

Helsinki                                      Jun 8 - 10

Other locations in planning:

  • San Francisco, CA
  • New York, NY