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~ The Psycho-Spiritual Teachings of Richard Harvey ~
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In the Heart of Life
Support and Shared Reflection on the Inner Journey
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~ Four meetings over two months (Sep-Oct 2019) with Richard Harvey ~

Richard says: ‘We often hear people ask, “How long does inner work take?” It is a question that supposes an end, but more it speaks to the urgency to not waste a single minute, hour or day in unawareness, in partial living, in unconsciousness. How long the journey takes and whether and how it may end, and where you may find yourself when and if it does, are questions without answers. However, of one thing I am certain. The supportive gathering of likeminded souls, those who are intent on awakening, is indispensable to your personal and spiritual unfolding. When a group comes available to you, ask yourself, “Do I want to grow and develop in the inner realms?” Since you are at one with all of life with all others, beyond prejudice, differences, bias, concealed judgments and latent intolerance of any kind, gathering together with others, learning, sharing, supporting, resonating, developing the capacity for patience, tolerance, compassion, heart listening, receiving and giving is one of the most powerful methods for inner growth there is. So I encourage you to take advantage of this international online gathering, not only for your own personal development, but also as a commitment to the tolerance, unity, and collaboration that is required to bring healing to the human collective.’ 

This online group will be conducted via a Zoom videoconference call and is for you if:

  • You have embarked on your personal inner journey
  • You want to deepen your understanding of psycho-spiritual inner work
  • You want to share and explore with others as a practitioner, therapist or counselor for clarification and deepening

The meetings take the following format:

  • Rev Robert Meagher, co-founder of the Center for Human Awakening, introduces the session and leads a short meditative inner process to prepare and deepen participants for the session
  • Richard Harvey, founder of the Center for Human Awakening and the creator of Sacred Attention Therapy (SAT), gives some preliminary remarks, possibly suggesting a themes for the meeting
  • Participants share and the meeting is opened up to group discussion, shared reflection, questions and answers, and mutual insights
  • The session ends with closing remarks and encouragements for following through on what has been discussed in the meeting

Dates: Sep 18; Oct 2, 16, 30 2019

Times: 16.30-18.30 CET (Central European Time)

Price: € 450 for all four sessions 

Registration: Click on the PayPal button to the right to register.

The Center for Human Awakening is proud to offer a series of short online courses. Further courses are either in preparation or the planning stages.

In the Heart of Life
€ 450.00

We do not issue refunds after payment is made. We have intended to provide a clear description of this course offering. If you are unsure about any aspect of this course, we invite you to follow up with us to clarify any/all matters before enroling. You can contact us by email.