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Contributors to Sacred Attention Therapy Project
Listed below are the names of the persons collaborating on the Sacred Attention Therapy Project, along with their respective contact information, contribution(s) to the project and short biography.  If you would like to participate in this project and are interested in contributing to this groundbreaking piece of work, please contact the Coordinating Editor through our Contact Form or by email at [email protected].  
Richard Harvey
Spiritual Teacher and Psycho-Spiritual Psychotherapist
Granada, Spain
[email protected]

  • Founder of Sacred Attention Therapy and the Sacred Attention Therapy Project
  • Project Authority
  • Executive Editor

Richard Harvey's work spans 37 years. During that time he has worked with individuals, couples, groups and communities, both psychologically and spiritually. He has helped thousands of people to find greater peace and fulfillment in their lives. Richard's approach is to encourage, empower and enable people to clarify, heal, and liberate themselves from the restrictive conditioning that compromises their relationships, family and working lives. 

He has led groups, workshops, seminars and training courses throughout Europe, as well as maintaining a private practice. Richard acts as a consultant to training courses, works with staff groups and communities, runs supervision groups and acts as a supervisor to psychotherapists.

At the heart of Richard's work is the awakening of individual consciousness, within the wider context of collective spiritual awakening, through a threefold process of work on the personality, the transformation into authenticity, and the realization of our true nature.

Oliver Baum
Practice Director and Lead Therapist
The Owl Practice 
Cobham, Surrey, United Kingdom
[email protected]

  • Researcher / Writer: Emotional Suppression

Oliver works as practice director and lead therapist at The Owl Practice in Cobham, Surrey, UK. As well as working with individuals and couples in his private practice and the NHS he has assisted, facilitated and developed therapy groups and training programs for therapists. The roots of his practice lie in the humanistic traditions, particularly Gestalt therapy. 

As an incorrigible truth seeker Oliver has studied and integrated many therapy models into his work including NLP, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Family Constellations, Mindfulness and Transpersonal therapy among others. He has a BA in Integrative Counselling, a Masters in Theology and is a Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP).

Oliver recounts his journey of self-discover this way... "I remember sitting in the library of Scotland’s oldest Theological college as a 21 year old student reading a book that I wish I could remember the title of. Suddenly it dawned on me…'Unclouded God consciousness, that is what it is all about.' It was as if the top of my head joyously opened to something that was so familiar but new at the same time. Having discovered my life purpose I went to the pub with some friends and promptly forgot. Nearly twenty years later, the joys of mid life have given me the courage to remember what I had forgotten. It was then that I came across Richard Harvey's work for which I am hugely grateful."

Alex Bennet, Ph.D., Human and Organizational Systems
Frost, West Virginia, USA
[email protected] 

  • Researcher / Writer: Sub-Personalities

Alex is Professor of Knowledge and Innovation Management at Bangkok University, and Co-Founder/Director of the Mountain Quest Institute located on a 450 acre farm in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia. The Institute, a research and retreat center, is focused on achieving growth and understanding through quests for knowledge, consciousness and meaning. Alex is the former Chief Knowledge Officer and Deputy Chief Information Officer for Enterprise Integration of the U.S. Department of the Navy. She has authored five books with her physicist partner, Dr. David Bennet, including a new theory of the firm based on the Intelligent Complex Adaptive System model for organizations.  

Over the past 20 years Alex and David have together explored the fullness of what it is to be human, becoming Reiki masters and engaging the inner realms through the process of Hemispheric Synchronization. Five years ago they were gifted with a miracle, which opened doors to the Universe and the phenomena they call the Myst. They are now integrating their new learning and expansion into two lifetimes of work. To share these experiences, two eBooks are available:  The Journey into the Myst and Patterns in the Myst: Messages from the Universe. Using sound and various healing modalities, and sharing the Myst phenomena experientially, Alex serves as a spiritual life coach and conversationalist with the hundreds of people who move through the Inn at Mountain Quest.  

Alex believes in the multidimensionality and interconnectedness of humanity as we move out of infancy into full consciousness. The SAT approach is an exciting discovery which sparked a powerful idea resonance. The central building blocks connect with her experiential base as well as her interactions with others, and she has deep appreciation for the hub of the wheel, the Central Character Dynamic, which responds to the diversity of our journeys and the power of individuation we each bring to the whole. 

Eileen Bild, M.A., Transpersonal Theories & Practices
Certified Life Coach, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Writer, Videographer and Photographer
Ordinary to Extraordinary Life, LLC
Jacksonville, FL, USA
[email protected]

  • Researcher / Writer: Emotional-Behavioral Patterns
                                        Awareness and Consciousness

Eileen has been on a personal and spiritual journey throughout her life, having an explosive awakening at age 40. After years of struggling with a debilitating condition known as Fibromyalgia, she made a declaration that changed her life and put her on a path of health and healing. She became a Reiki Master, received her Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, followed by becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist, and most recently formalizing her credentials as a Certified Life Coach. Eileen is also a columnist with Women's Voices Magazine and BizCatalyst 360, as well a Guest Blogger with Life Coaching Magazine

She continually finds a pull to assist her clients to achieve life balance through extensive inner work that begins with core healing. In her years of study, education and practice Eileen has come to realize that we operate on multiple levels and within many dimensions. Her desire is to bring inner peace, serenity and a sense of purpose to those who are ready to achieve success in their lives. Eileen facilitates this for her clients through a feeling of accomplishment and re-energized themselves to live life to the fullest. Eileen has witnessed that this allows for amazing transformations to occur. 

Through her various endeavors including the creative arts using videography and photography to inspire an artist’s passion to come to life, along with her husband’s work, expresses the essence of that which is within. Becoming a part of the Sacred Attention Therapy Project is her contribution to humanity to share, inspire and bring higher awareness to the doors of opportunity for love, peace and serenity both on the personal and global levels. 

Brett Brickmeyer
Iowa, USA
[email protected]

  • Researcher / Writer

Like many involved in this work, I am a lifetime student. I began to discover a path of spiritual awakening, and methods to cultivate of a deep interpersonal awareness, at a very early age. Raised in the Christian faith, and informed by the ideas of eastern philosophy and religion, spiritual pursuit is deeply integrated into my life and relationships, whether or not by name. I believe that it is the absolute best use of our time and energies to cultivate love and compassion within and among our fellow human beings on a moment-to-moment basis.

I endeavor to understand the care and expression of the human soul through communication of experience, both formally and informally. My greatest teachers have been friends, experience, inner-reflection, and consideration of religious and spiritual scriptures of many types. My formal education has been in the creative arts, specifically nonfiction writing. Through expressive and artistic groups I have learned much about suspending or eliminating any judgmental impulse to further the work of my peers.

For several months in 2014, I served as a Peer Support Specialist in Iowa City. The practicality of this role imbued my life with an accelerated sense of possibility, as I was able to be a friend and central support to those with serious mental illnesses diagnoses, and to provide a sense of calm and hope to those experiencing deep and drastic life changes. This experience has spoken deeply into my life, both alarming and encouraging me to continue joining with others in humanity’s search for Love and Truth.​

Rev. Robert Meagher
Founder and Spiritual Director
Spiritual Guidance
Ottawa, ON, CANADA
[email protected]

  • Coordinating Editor of the Sacred Attention Therapy Project
  • Researcher / Writer: Central Character Dynamic and Forgiveness

Robert worked for almost 25 years in traditional corporate settings and acted in various management roles in the education, arts, financial, not-for-profit, government, consulting, and healthcare sectors. He began to see life differently in 2008 when his soul was opened to new ways of living with the realization there had to be another way. His spiritual re-awakening was nurtured in 2009 when he left a senior role in a prominent firm to set himself adrift and explore a new way of living and seeing the world he lived in. In 2010, Robert was ordained as an Interfaith Minister in the Order of Melchizedek.  

Robert began reading and studying Richard Harvey’s work in 2011. "I felt an immediate connection to, and resonance with, Richard’s synergistic approach to psychotherapy and spiritual healing and teaching."  In 2012, Robert was an editor for Richard Harvey’s manuscript Your Essential Self: The Inner Journey to Authenticity and Spiritual Enlightenment published by Llewellyn Worldwide in 2013.   Also in 2012, Robert began working with Richard Harvey as spiritual and psycho-spiritual psychotherapy student. Richard also serves as Robert's supervisor for his counselling/therapy practice. Throughout Robert's inner work with Richard, he has been intimately exposed to Richard’s work with Sacred Attention Therapy (i.e., family beliefs, life statements, emotional-behavioral patterns, emotional suppression, sub-personalities, character strategies, the Central Character Dynamic, etc.) and much, much more.

The culmination of this collaborative-collegial relationship between Robert and Richard has gifted Robert the opportunity to become familiar with the wonderful body of work Richard has created and his approach to psycho-spiritual psychotherapy.

Barbara Morris Jensen, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, Certified Life Coach, Certified Anger Management Facilitator
Camarillo, CA, USA

  • Researcher / Writer: Life Statements

I seek to mindfully embrace life. Intentionally, I live with an open heart, and remain in gratitude for all of the people with whom I've connected. The fulfillment I feel in my life is due to the awareness of the meaning of my experiences, and by excitedly anticipating what is yet to come.

Through my own experiences I honor the life we have all been given. I extend this into my work by compassionately helping others to recognize the truth of who they are and to live their lives on purpose. My professional passions include working with patients in private practice as a doctor of clinical psychology, assisting clients with life coaching to help them discover their next steps, as well as facilitating anger management workshops for work personnel who have become disruptive to their own lives and the lives of others.

Communication was a gift I was born with and I am grateful to have the ability to use it to facilitate peace on the planet, one person at a time. 

Darren Peters
Trainee Transpersonal Psychotherapist
Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education
London, England
[email protected]

  • Researcher / Writer

I have been on a spiritual path, consciously, from the age of 16, being drawn to people, places, and things of a higher vibrational frequency. After studying Psychology and Philosophy in university, spirit guided me to work with the ‘poor and the marginalised.’ So I decided to focus my energies and learning working with those with acute mental health disorders. Shortly after this time my own emotional suppression became apparent and rose to the surface of my consciousness. This helped me to realize that I was using my spirituality to ignore and escape my own pain, creating a ‘Spiritual Bypass.’ 

The integration of the processing of this pain lead me to my current training to be an Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist. My other meta-physical interests are in the realms of Numerology and Sacred Geometry which are also integrated in my healing work. I also invite the Reiki healing energy system into my healing work with people.

I came across Richard’s work and felt the resonance of truth from within my soul. Therefore, I am in the process of learning more about this work and will use this to enhance my own practice, knowledge and healing abilities. I have chosen to become a Contributor to this project because I can see that it is an aspect of unity consciousness, which will assist all of us in polishing the multifaceted diamond that awaits discovery.

Carol Upstone
Spiritual Psychotherapy Student, Transformational Arts College
Ottawa, ON, CANADA
[email protected]

  • Researcher / Writer: Character Strategies

A spiritual crisis and the dark night of the soul resulted in a journey seeking answers that ultimately led Carol to Richard Harvey’s teachings through her own psycho-spiritual inner work. The need to look for answers externally ended with the focus turning inward to face the hidden shadows and commence with the healing process. Richard’s work on the Three Stages of Awakening and his book Your Essential Self: The Inner Journey to Authenticity and Spiritual  Enlightenment have provided excellent guidance for the process of transcending ego and living authentically.  

Carol’s contribution will be from a client perspective concerning how Sacred Attention Therapy has provided the tools and resources for healing to take place; how one can learn to reserve a sacred space that allows for personal growth by facing our hidden shadows and by extension will allow one to face and understand daily challenges with greater detachment over time. The spiritual journey is about attending to the needs of the soul, something that society has neglected for far too long much to our detriment.

Carol has a BA in Psychology from McGill University in Montreal, QC, Canada, and is currently enrolled part-time as a spiritual psychotherapy student at the Transformational Arts College in Toronto, ON, Canada. It is Carol’s fervent desire to continue on this path and become a certified spiritual psychotherapist.


Thierry Clerc, MARH, RHom, MSc
Clinical Homeopath, Nutritionist, Bioresonance Therapist
Cambridge, United Kingdom
[email protected]

  • Researcher / Writer: Sub-Personalities

Thierry Clerc lives and works in Cambridge. Before his successful career as a Clinical Homeopath, Thierry worked in the telecommunications and software programming fields. His career transformation from technology to homeopathy was triggered by a severe form of arthritis that almost crippled him. 

After becoming a Clinical Homeopath, focused primarily on physical ailments and medical conditions using a mix of nutritional support and energy medicine, Theirry decided to re-train and learn more about other holistic healing approaches. Thierry realised that homeopathy alone was not enough to support people who lived with discontent in their life. With no particular health problems, many clients sought help to find the answer to "what is the meaning of my Life?" Thierry was drawn to the Sacred Attention Therapy (SAT) approach as a way of authentically and compassionately guiding his clients to discover who they truly are. Thierry manages a monthly SAT meeting group in Cambridge.

Birgit Niehaus
Alternative Medicine Practitioner and Healer
Granada, Spain
[email protected]

  • Researcher / Writer: Family Beliefs

Birgit Niehaus is an alternative medicine practitioner and healer (Heinrich Reich Tu-anima test, Dorn-Breuss Therapy, ear acupuncture, Schuessler Biochemie, Singing bowl sound therapy). She grew up with a strong feeling of closeness to all that separates her from humans for most of her life. After living a normal life, founding her bookshop and running it for 20 years, she found her real destination in her healing work. As a sideline she had done it all her life.

When she was mature enough to face her calling she began working with Richard Harvey. Five years ago she started working with midwives and founded her private practice. With her holistic approach she encourages people to heal themselves, and supports them throughout their processes with her techniques and her energy.

Honoring her intense work with Richard Harvey and her study of his books, therapeutic listening became an important aspect of the work she offers to her clients. The SAT Project was the next logical step in her work.​

Glenda Rueger Payne
Heartblaze Ceremonies and Memories 
Yamhill County, OR, USA
[email protected]

  • Editor

Glenda Rueger Payne began her spiritual journey as a young child through a strong, mystical connection with Christ. She began communicating with the Angels via a near death experience at the age of nine. In her mid-twenties, Glenda recognized that negative behavioral patterns formed in childhood were keeping her from experiencing joy, happiness and fulfilling relationships. Seeking deeper, healthier and more emotionally intimate connections inspired Glenda’s journey to personal growth and healing. It also created a passionate drive in her to inspire others to do the same through teaching and one-on-one intuitive counseling sessions.

Glenda’s formal studies included communications, psychology and philosophy through the University of Missouri in Kansas City and her own self-study program, reading a plethora of self-help psychology books. Her personal growth studies began in the Eighties, attending workshops associated with the Human Potential Movement. She also explored her mystical and metaphysical interests by studying world religions, various mystical teachers and healers, and working with a variety of teachers who helped her develop her strong intuitive abilities. Her personal studies also included working with a shamanic healer who was trained by Hopi/Navajo Elders and by attending Sweat Lodge ceremonies with Ute Tribe Elders. She furthered her studies in core shamanism in the Michael Harner method and Celtic Shamanism.

She felt a calling to serve and first became an ordained minister in 1988. With over 35 years of experience in spiritual practice and development, Glenda now continues her ministry practice in Yamhill County, Oregon. She currently facilitates a study group of Celtic Shamanism and founded and now co-facilitates a Reiki study group. She delights in conducting rewarding ceremonial experiences such as weddings, Elder ceremonies, baptisms and memorials. She applies her years of knowledge and practice through teaching and guiding others. Her students find her positive, optimistic attitude and genuine love of life inspiring to their own personal healing journeys. Glenda’s guiding mantra is "when you love life, life loves you back."

Karen Taks
Spiritual Life Coach and Reiki Master
British Columbia, CANADA
[email protected] 

  • Researcher / Writer

Karen works as a spiritual life coach and reiki master on an island off the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Karen’s interest in healing, transformational life modalities developed from her awareness of the growing interest in, and search for, personal development specifically related to spirituality.

Karen’s work focuses on taking responsibility for one’s life through self-awareness, courage, faith and trust. When this happens, Karen believes one continues to evolve toward forgiveness, empowerment, unconditional love, joy, compassion, acceptance, inner peace, and serenity.

Karen sees her own inner work and healing journey as a gift that she now accepts as an opportunity to serve others. She resonates with the Sacred Attention Therapy core elements as a model and tool to serve her clients by bringing to light how early life experiences have resulted in our developing life statement, family beliefs, emotional-behavioral patterns, emotional repression, sub-personalities, character strategies, and the Central Character Dynamic.

Karen’s participation in the Sacred Attention Therapy Project is Karen’s way “paying-it-forward” by writing for this wonderful literary project. For Karen, her contributions to the Project are her way of connecting with others and writing about her own life as she experienced it, topics that inspire, motivate, and empower.

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