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Richard Harvey, Your Essential Self
Richard Harvey, Dharma Sky
Richard Harvey, Moksha Dawn
Your Essential Self: The Inner Journey to Authenticity and Spiritual Enlightenment

Published by 
Llewellyn Worldwide
July 2013
Dharma Sky: Talks on Psychological and Spiritual Understanding and Renewal for the Modern Era

Published by 
Useless Tree Press (e-book) 
Moksha Dawn: Talks on A Radical and Innovative Approach to Spirituality and the Sacred in the 21st Century

Published by 
Useless Tree Press (e-book) 
Books on Psychotherapy and Spirituality
This page showcases books about psychotherapy and spirituality published, and about to be published, by Richard Harvey and other authors associated with the Center for Human Awakening. For full details of these and other books about psychotherapy and spirituality by Richard Harvey, see Books on Therapy and Spirituality

Richard Harvey, Bodhi Ocean
Richard Harvey, Flight of Consciousness
The Flight of Consciousness:
A Map for the Sacred Journey

Published by 
Ashgrove Publishing
Richard Harvey, Tao’s Gift
Richard Harvey, The Book of Being
Tao's Gift:
Reflections on Personal and Spiritual Growth

Published by 
Useless Tree Press (e-book)
The Book of Being:
A Spiritual Handbook for Life's Journey

Published by 
Useless Tree Press (e-book) 
Bodhi Ocean: Talks on 
Self-Discovery, Authenticity, and Divinity as an Urgent Imperative in the 
Contemporary World

Published by 
Sacred Attention Publishing (e-book)
Richard Harvey, Human Awakening
Human Awakening: The Source Book for the Three Stages of Awakening

Published by 
Sacred Attention Publishing (e-book) 
2nd Edition - 2017


Richard Harvey, Your Sacred Calling

Your Sacred Calling

Published by 
Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd. 

"I have so loved your writing, so well attuned as it is to the relationship between being and becoming, so compassionate of the apparent journey to a destination we never left that it makes my soul thrill in self-recognition! Thank you for the support and sweet encouragement you have offered me (without knowing) in my journey to awakening! In gratitude." – Andre Van Zijl, Co-Director/Administrator, All Paths Divinity School

"Dear divine words of Richard Harvey, Moksha Anand Nath, my dearest divine, spiritual, beloved friend. Your amazing spiritual writing, your excellent words of wisdom, are a contribution to humanity! A billion blessings to you!– Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar, Enlightened Master at Wander Worldover Shiva Sutra Teaching to Humanity, previously of the Blue Light Foundation and the Shiva Spiritual Project, Mumbai, India

"A wonderful book about real spiritual calling. Not the ten a penny books, on positive affirmations, crystals, manifesting etc that litter the book shelves. I would recommend that if you are serious in investigating your psycho spiritual nature, and your place in the world, that you read this book. Also read Richard's other books especially, Your Essential Self, and The Flight of Consciousness.– Cathy Knight

On Your Sacred Calling..."I highly recommend this book to all seekers and hope those who have not yet felt the “Calling” from within will be guided to this noble book, in which the author puts forth a series of revelatory questions at the end of each chapter, inspiring illumination within the reader; and in which, there are such wonderful deep meditations bringing great balm of Divine Light to the soul." More... – Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff

"I just finished reading Your Essential Self and it changed my life in so many ways. The transformation is beginning! Thank you, Richard Harvey! Out of all of the books on spirituality, your book stands out the most. Next will be Your Sacred Calling. Peace!" – Joel V Sanders Personal Chef / Food Service Professional

“For the benefit of many, Richard Harvey asks us to look at the hard questions of freedom, seeking wisdom and transformation. While he shares his own dramatic inner searching, he stimulates us to do our own inquiry. I recommend Dharma Sky for anyone who is looking for the way through to awakening.” – Domo Geshe Rinpoche, Founder and spiritual director White Conch Dharma Center, Grand Transitions Institute Hospice training, Mandala Matrix research program, director Foundations of Yogic Healing

"In this world where the western media promotes pseudo-spirituality because it is HUGE $$$ business, Richard’s Dharma Sky—Three Stages of Awakening, birthing the soul, are Truth, and most welcome for those who are honestly willing to do the fearless self-work required. This heart smiled warmly reading the words pointing clearly to Truth, and a practical way to achieve Self-Realization in this Kali Yuga age dominated by the dark, raging ego. Richard’s soul and divine heart are so obviously available in the context of the writing that one cannot help but be positively affected as Richard’s compassion and Love speaks clearly to the reader’s heart and soul. His teaching is practical and easily comprehensible, but as Richard states, one has to be courageous. So be forewarned, you want warm and fuzzy pseudo-truths, watch Oprah's “Soul Sunday” charade/parade of characters spewing forth non-sense. You want Absolute Truth, this is a modern practical way." – M. Thomas Filippo, Spiritual Counselor and writer/blogger at OnThePathOm

"Richard’s therapy work is healing, empowering and liberating. I recommend you read his book “The Flight of Consciousness” and keep it by your bedside to re-read!" – Luke Broad, Author & Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner

"Richard is an integrous, sensitive and profoundly effective counselor and therapist. I recommend his books, particularly “The Flight of Consciousness,”' which form the foundation of a radically new paradigm in the field of psycho-spiritual psychology." – Jose Bueno Murga, Planning Analyst at Cementos Pacasmayo SAA

“May you bask in the grace, glory and divinity embedded in these lecture manuscripts. Herein you are offered true blessings and gifts. Unwrap them carefully, with reverence for these sacred teachings. Your true and essential self will resonate and grow in awareness of the sacred being you are. For some, these manuscripts will initiate your transformation and the beginning of a journey to rediscover who you have always been and will forever be—the light of God, the source of existence, the pure love inherent in all of creation.” – Rev. Robert Meagher, Founder and Spiritual Director, Spiritual Guidance 

"As with Richard’s books “Your Essential Self” and “The Flight of Consciousness,” I have found the Novena series of lectures absorbing, challenging, inspiring, and enlightening in equal measure. I would thoroughly recommend Richard’s work to anyone wishing to discover and live from their heart." – Oliver Baum, BA (Hons), MTheol, MBACP, MNCH, Integrative Therapist and Practice Director at The Owl Practice

"It is rare in today’s world to have the opportunity to share in sacred and divine teachings. But the words that gracefully flow across the pages contained herein, and previously penned in Dharma Sky and Moksha Dawn, are of such a heightened level of consciousness that they do run the risk of being overlooked by the uninitiated. Our modern lives are rife with egoic distractions that turn us away from the sacred at every corner. It is the rare soul that rises above the chaff to reach transcendent levels of awareness. For those rare souls, this e-book, and the two that preceded it, will guide you the rest of the way on your journey." – Rev. Robert Meagher, Co-Founder, Vice-Principal, and Senior Tutor at Sacred Attention Therapy, Founder and Spiritual Director at Spiritual Guidance, Ottawa, ON, Canada  

"Academia has difficulty birthing disciplines in the humanities as sciences, and psychology is a prime example of such a difficult delivery. Living is an art, and while research is clearly important, individual response to being alive can never be reduced to behavioural change based on conceptual manipulation and statistical outcomes. Mystique is unavoidable, and requires sane, clear and communicative exegesis.

Richard Harvey's book Bodhi Ocean reveals such a voice. He stitches together Eastern enlightenment, Western confusion, processes for spiritual growth, and provides a language of humility that is a passage to greatness. Among the many gifts that this work provides are the gentling of paradox, deconstruction of conceptual sophistication, possible paths to generic spirituality, and above all, catharsis of self-imposed imprisonment.

A prime message is that psychotherapy without spirituality misses the point, and while this is a courageous stance, it is also an emphatic call to create a cycle of completion. Leadership in academia, business, and politics is becoming more and more questionable in terms of exactly what the notion of leadership implies.

Individual excellence, when viewed against the backdrop of Bodhi Ocean would surely go to where it belongs: not a mere drop but a necessarily contributing agent, the depth of which is mysterious yet real, because we all know that we breathe and move, and create. Richard Harvey has created a path, that one less travelled, and worth travelling. The blessing is that one has to do it alone, yet not hopelessly alone. The companionship is undeniably there." – Dr Walter Harry Willies, Educational, Health and Organisational Coach, creator of Biofocusing, Adjunct-Professor at the European American University, South Africa

​ “A wonderful book that combines western and eastern wisdom: I love authenticity, something that Richard Harvey's book "Your Essential Self" promises in its title and actualizes in its content. Too many people look to others and outward to find themselves, a perfect teacher, a perfect religion, or a perfect, imaginary future. This book invites self-exploration while gently guiding the reader along, with both psychological and spiritual wisdom. It's a beautiful book and I recommend it to all seekers of truth.” – Dr. Andrea Polard, author of "A Unified Theory of Happiness" and Founder of the Los Angeles Center for Zen Psychology

“Your Essential Self is one of the most empowering and helpful books on personal and spiritual transformation I have ever read. Every page resonates with such deep understanding and compassion that you feel you are in the presence of a wise and trusted mentor. The questionnaires and exercises at the end of each chapter complement your inner work as you progress through the book at your own pace. Harvey guides you every step of the way with respect and realism, making it a joy to take this rewarding journey. I highly recommend this book.” – Miriam Walker, author of A Cautious Man and The Holiday Retreat & Other Stories

"I have been following Richard's work for the last two years and always feel that it resonates with me! You simply speak truth. I have been studying your book Your Essential Self and it has been exactly what I needed. Not only is it like having my own therapist, but it has been a practical resource that enables me to delve deeper into who I am, not only as a human but as a spiritual being. Thank you!" – Haris Tzortzis, Founder and Personal Growth Coach, Happy Light Coaching Ltd, Primary School Teacher

​"Richard Harvey has written a profound book [Moksha Dawn] on this crucial theme linking spirituality and therapy. His passion and knowledge are an act of service." – Malcolm Stern, Executive Director of Alternatives and psychotherapist

"I find Richard's work to have both a simplicity and depth to it. I started with his work Essential Self; and have now moved on into his work Moksha Dawn. He has a way of bringing home the "truth" of things, enlightening with an understanding that opens a space of safety to personal discovery and awareness unlike any other that I have seen. I feel a very strong connection to his work; and for any that are ready to walk a path that beautifully blends the practical and the spiritual realms; then you will want to delve into Moksha Dawn, as well as his other works. Richard offers us the opportunity to do the "real" work on ourselves. His work is one that can also unfold layer after layer so that no matter where you are on your path you will get something out of it. You can go back time and time again and get a new piece as the layers unfold for you. If you are ready to live a sacred life, and to experience a "yes" from reading the truth on something then Moksha Dawn is a reading that you will want to journey with." – Jesse Ann Nichols George, Code Interpretor, Scribe, Speechmaker, and Radio Show Host

​"This book will add needed light to your journey, and help you see what only the willing heart can see." – Guy Finley, international bestselling author of The Secret of Letting Go

"This is one of the most influential books I've ever read. Richard Harvey's years of being both a therapist and a spiritual guide have given him startling insights into how to make you you again. It has helped me cope with, better understand and more enjoy my life. Read this book, it will change your life." – Eric Krohn

"Your Essential Self is a book about Self-realization and Self-knowledge by my Divine, dearest spiritual friend and awakened author Richard Harvey. You must read it – it's fantastic!" – Guruji Aruneshvar, Spiritual Master of the Param Shiva Adi Nath Sect, Blue Light Foundation for Shiva, Mumbai, India

​"With a mixture of wisdom, humor, illustrative stories, practical advice and the clarity that comes from a deep understanding of life, Richard Harvey makes the complexities of the psycho-spiritual journey clear and accessible. His writing is lucid and stimulating, his message compulsive and always illuminating. His appeal is broad enough to include specialists in the field of personal growth as well as the general reader. I encourage anyone who is being challenged by life issues or who wants to deepen in their understanding of what it means to be human to read his books." – Professor Ian Norman, King's College, London, UK

"Richard Harvey has distilled the wisdom of the ancients and translated that into a simple spiritual map for the contemporary traveler: all this in less than 200 pages. However, its length does not render it superficial. Depth of understanding and quality of experience are the keynotes in this book. The explanation of the framework is supported by many real life experiences which lends authenticity and humanity to this work. With extensive references and practical exercises, it is one of the most well-thumbed books in my library." – Aspen Edge, Certified Educator, Holistic Management International

"Soul-Provoking, Life-Giving, this lovely book talks of the mysteries of consciousness that we stumble on in the dark. It is gentle but firm in its understanding of the demands of the path. It is a gift. Thank you Richard Harvey."  – Rosemary M Lawson, Wakefield, MA, USA 

"The Book of Being is a little gem of a book, or should I say a little book of big gems, golden nuggets even! Full of insights and wisdom that resonate within and evoke that deep remembering of who I AM. Its beauty is in its simplicity. Short statements prompt enquiry and reflection on such topics as self-awareness, authenticity, death and life, the wisdom of uncertainty, and many more. The reading of it consistently provokes my innate curiosity and impulse to deepen and grow, and I'm sure it will yours. It is the kind of book you can dip into, and come back to, again and again." – Julie Kaloczi, Reconnective Healing and EFT Practitioner, Wild Dolphin Experience Group Facilitator
2nd Edition
January 2017
Books Published by 
Robert Meagher
Robert Meagher, Spiritual Journey
Spiritual Journey:
A Compilation of Short Stories About What Can Happen Between Life's Best-Made Plans

Richard Harvey, Sacred Attention Therapy Groupwork Manual
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Richard Harvey, Your Divine Opportunity
Your Divine Opportunity: How to Awaken to Your True Self in the Modern Era

Published by 
Sacred Attention Publishing (e-book)

Your Divine Opportunity is the third in a series of three books written by the renowned psycho-spiritual teacher and therapist Richard Harvey. The first two installments, Your Essential Self and Your Sacred Calling left a profound impression on my personal, professional, and spiritual life; it is no exaggeration to describe them as life-changing works. Your Divine Opportunity continues Richard’s focusing deeply and inspirationally on the living of a spiritual life, practice (or the wayless way), and the realization of ourSelves, the true nature of our Humanity. All Richard’s books speak to a sacred Truth beyond the usual “spiritual” books and Your Divine Opportunity is no exception. - Oliver Baum, psycho-spiritual psychotherapist, BA, MTheol, MBACP