The Center for Human Awakening Donation Center

Center for Human Awakening Donation Center
The Center for Human Awakening
The Center for Human Awakening
~ The Psycho-Spiritual Teachings of Richard Harvey ~
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Donation Center
​Donations are invited to The Center for Human Awakening, the new home of Sacred Attention Therapy (SAT) and Therapy & Spirituality. Your donation will be used for one of three purposes:

1. Individual Therapy and Counselling. All the therapists associated with The Center contribute a portion of their practice, either without charge or at a reduced charge. There is no external funding or financial support of any kind to supplement the therapists’ earnings. Much of their time is given freely in service to humanity. Your donation will make it possible for those people who cannot afford therapy and counseling, but who sincerely need the support, to receive it.

2. SAT Online Training Bursary Fund. Students who enrol in the SAT Online Training invest a significant amount of time, energy, and money. Not everyone who applies for enrolment has all the funds to pay even the concessionary tuition fees. Your donation to the Bursary Fund will make it possible for those students who cannot afford the tuition fees to enrol in this revolutionary and transformative psycho-spiritual training program.

3. New, Expanded Physical Center. The Center for Human Awakening has embarked on an initiative to rent, acquire or build a new, expanded physical center in Andalucia, Spain. Our new, expanded physical center will offer: more accommodations for visitors and retreatants; common and communal areas for group therapy, lectures, and spiritual practice; a library; and more. The new, expanded physical center will also feature expansive grounds for gardens and walks/hikes in the surrounding area. Click here for a document detailing a vision for the new, expanded physical center.

When making your donation through the [Donate] button to the right, please specify in your comments which initiative above you are donating to. We thank you for your gracious and kind support.

Spiritual Consciousness and Service

The position of the therapist and counselors associated with The Center, is that the only way for spiritual-sacred consciousness to survive in the modern world and for sane relationships between human beings and their responsible stewardship of the planet is through inner work. For this reason we are refining the teaching of a fresh new method and approach to inner development for the modern era. This includes a comprehensive model and methodology of psycho-spiritual development, the creation of a meta-psychology and demystifying psychotherapy itself in an initiative named The Art of Conscious Living.

Inner Work and the Future of Humanity

The importance of inner development for the future of humanity is discussed in this article by our Founder, Richard Harvey.

What People are Saying About the Philanthropic Work of The Center

It is truly a blessing to witness anyone share their gifts with the world; and this is precisely what Richard Harvey does—he shares his gifts of understanding the symbiotic nature and relationship between the mind and the soul. Like no other professional I am aware of, Richard blends traditional psychotherapy with spiritual companionship and stewardship to authentically and compassionately accompany aspirants through their healing journey. Your donation to Richard’s work on Therapy and Spirituality will help support the healing journey of those precious souls who seek true inner peace. – Rev. Robert Meagher, Spiritual Guidance, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Your strength, dedication and powerful focus to human life and development is a Divine gift to humanity. I am touched, moved and inspired by your motivating, life-transforming writing and work. A deep bow of appreciation from my heart and soul to you and your life changing work, which brings happiness, self-growth and peace. You are a humble, honest, harmonious guide bringing divine blessings to the world. I extend all respect, honor and a billion blessings to your Great work! God bless you! – Guruji Aruneshvar, Spiritual Master of the Param Shiva Adi Nath Sect, Blue Light Foundation for Shiva, Mumbai, India

Richard Harvey has created a path, that one less travelled, and worth travelling. The blessing is that one has to do it alone, yet not hopelessly alone. The companionship is undeniably there. – Dr Walter Harry Willies, Educational, Health and Organisational Coach, creator of Biofocusing, Adjunct-Professor at the European American University, South Africa

Richard devotes his compassion and understanding to the success of Therapy and Spirituality. The key to the continual success of his organization is by your support financially. To keep this positive energy flowing through the growth and commitment of Richard’s groups, sessions, talks and inspirations that he’s so dedicated to, investing in Therapy and Spirituality, you are choosing to invest in an idea that came alive and will continue a legacy of transcendence and liberation for those ones seeking a journey of discovery. For every distress that becomes alleviated in someone's life, you offer support. Then that support helps someone who gives back to their community, then reaches out into the world. That is the impact made by your donation to Therapy and Spirituality and to a man, Mr. Richard Harvey, who gives so much of his time and energy to fuel a cause that creates this positive outcome. – Rosie Trakostanec/White Elk Medicine Woman, CEO and Master Practitioner of Shamanic Studies at Present Time Alternatives, Vancouver, Canada

Richard has been sharing his therapeutic philosophy with me since 1996 and during this time I have witnessed his work bring about the most dramatic, profound, and miraculous changes in people. – Susan Quick, Artistic Director at Enabling Theatre and Enabling Radio

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