The Center for Human Awakening Volunteer Opportunities

Center for Human Awakening Volunteer Opportunities
The Center for Human Awakening
The Center for Human Awakening
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Volunteer Opportunities
There are numerous ways to get involved in the services, projects, and initiatives offered by The Center for Human Awakening. Below are volunteer opportunities that may resonate with you and that you may want to offer your services to. 

​If you would like to volunteer for one of the opportunities below, or if you think of other ways you would like to share your gifts and talents with The Center for Human Awakening, please email us or fill out the contact form below and to the right.


Web Developer (WordPress) to Customize BLOG

Are you a web developer who is comfortable using WordPress? The Center would like to customize our current BLOG. Can you help?

Crowdfunding Researcher and/or Coordinator

We invite a volunteer to research and assess the feasibility of coordinating a crowdfunding initiative to raise money for the acquisition or building of a new, expanded physical center in Andalucia, Spain. If you are curious about how crowdfunding can be used to raise money, or you already have experience with crowdfunding, we look forward to speaking with you. Click here for a document detailing a vision for the new, expanded physical center.

Hosts for Traveling Satsang

Would you like to host a community satsang and have Richard Harvey come to your city, town, or village to speak with your group about The Center for Human Awakening? Follow this link for more details and to register your interest.

Social Media Promoters

Do you enjoy using social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to promote products and services? Would you like to help promote the Center for Human Awakening and / or Sacred Attention Therapy  (SAT) across multiple social media platforms? We are looking for people who are willing and able to spread the word through social media marketing and promotion. We can provide the posts, or you may want to let your own creativity take flight.


We are looking for individual(s) to transcribe the interviews on the videos page of this website to textual manuscripts. Each video is between 30-45 minutes. We anticipate each interview taking between 60-90 minutes to transcribe.


Do you enjoy writing? Do you enjoy writing about psychology, counseling, psychotherapy, or spirituality? Would you like to be part of global team of therapists, counselors, spiritual teachers and healers collaborating toward a unique, common goal in service to humanity? Is so, read more about the Sacred Attention Therapy Project.


The Sacred Attention Therapy (SAT) Project is looking for editors. As a ‘Contributing Editor’ to the SAT Project other SAT Project Team, family members may ask you to review their manuscripts (ranging in length from a few pages to 20-25 pages). The purpose of editing a manuscript is to ensure it is of sufficient quality/standard for submission to a publisher. Your editing would focus on: (a) ensuring appropriate spelling and grammar (i.e., content editing); and (b) suggesting appropriate improvements to the manuscript, if any (i.e., structural editing).

Mock Therapy Client(s)

As part of the certification process for Sacred Attention Therapy (SAT) Online Training, students must participate in a ‘Therapist-Client Enactment.’ We are looking for individuals who are willing to present as the ‘client’ for the enactment. You will be asked to prepare, in writing: background including fictitious name, age, and other relevant information; your presenting issues or problems; and your expectations of the therapy session. Therapist-Client Enactments last 40 minutes and take place via Skype videoconference call.

Volunteer opportunities at the Center for Human Awakening
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