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~ The Psycho-Spiritual Teachings of Richard Harvey ~
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Human Awakening Group
~ A Psycho-Spiritual Psychotherapy Healing Space ~​

This Human Awakening Group offers a safe, supportive, confidential, and nurturing space to support your inner work in a group setting and provides a forum for revelation through inner guidance and insights. Group work offers us a screen on which we view our judgments, blind spots, and prejudices. As such, the Human Awakening Group is a preeminent method for moving toward personal wholeness, and liberation through compassion and acceptance, as we see the other in and as ourselves.

Who is this Human Awakening Group intended for?

  • Individuals who want to further their inner work in a group setting
  • Couples who want to develop their primary love relationships
  • Groups of like-minded souls oriented toward inner work, and psycho-spiritual growth and development
  • Communities, businesses, and corporate departments interested in developing cohesiveness, mutual trust, and openness to growth and development
  • Psycho-spiritual or neo-monastic communities who seek direction in their group meetings

When sufficient interest has been expressed, we will begin meeting regularly. Please express your interest in this group by emailing us or filling in the 'E-mail signup form' to the right.

How is the Group run?

The Group is facilitated by a Center-Certified Psycho-Spiritual Psychotherapist (see facilitator biography at the bottom of this page). The Group will meet on the 2nd Sunday of each month from 1-4pm.

What happens at a Group gathering?

There is no set formula or cookie-cutter approach to facilitating healing. The energy charge of the moment takes precedence over any / all formulaic agenda. A basic approach for a Group gathering may consist of a beginning, middle, and ending.

The 'beginning' may involve any combination of: a call to stillness; clearing of the mind through meditative practices; invitation to contemplation, reflection, and awareness; and introductions through group sharing. 

The 'middle' offers a deepening into the Group process in response to the apparent arising needs of the group as a whole or to the needs of a particular individual or individuals. The Group facilitator may invite a combination of exercises to further the healing experience including, but not limited to:

  • Experiential / physical
  • Interactive
  • Dyad work
  • Drawing and painting
  • Spiritual / meditative
  • Notebook

​The 'ending' usually consists of a return to 'sharing circle' that is invited to highlight insights and awareness and to experience a ceremonial ending as a symbol of wholeness, like at the beginning.

What do I bring to a Group gathering?

First and foremost, bring your open and receptive self. We typically encourage participants to wear loose, comfortable clothing. You may also want to bring a pen, pencil, or colored markers, a notepad or notebook for taking notes and/or drawing. When the facilitator intends there to be focused exercises for a particular gathering, you will be notified upon registration if there are any special materials you should bring with you. Lastly, please consider bringing refreshment to drink. The facility supplies chairs, and some mats and cushions. If you wish to bring your own mats (e.g., yoga) or cushions, you are welcomed to do so.

Dates:                  2nd Sunday of each month

Times:                 1:00 - 4:00pm 

Location:            Peggy's Holistic Oasis249 North River Road, Ottawa, ON, CANADA

                                  Peggy's Holistic Oasis is located on the corner of North River Road and Wayling Avenue. Please enter 
                                  the building through the entrance facing Wayling Avenue.

Registration:      You will be asked to register a minimum of 24 hours before the Group gathering and 
                            by making your payment through the PayPal button to the right.

                            One (1) spot is made available at each gathering for an individual who cannot afford the registration fee. For
                                   this person a concessionary donation will be invited for participating in the gathering. Please contact 
                                   your Group Facilitator by email to process your registration and donation, and to discuss your participation.

Biography of your Group Facilitator

​Robert Meagher has been ordained as an Interfaith Minister and has been certified through the Center for Human Awakening as a Sacred Attention Therapy (SAT) Therapist (Level 1). Robert has been facilitating therapy groups since 2010 and has 1400+ hours of group facilitation experience.
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CAD $40
E-mail signup form...

Would you like to be added to our email list to be reminded of our monthly gathering? If so, please enter your email address below and click on [Sign up].
​Regarding a refund policy...we appreciate there may be circumstances that results in you needing to cancel your attendance after you have registered and made your payment. Should you have to cancel your attendance, we invite you to consider offering your registration fee as a donation to the ongoing work of the Center through the psycho-spiritual teachings of Richard Harvey.
The Sacred Attention Therapy Groupwork Manual is a long-awaited response to people who have thought of setting up and running Human Awakening Groups and have not been sure quite how to do it. It is also intended for therapists, group leaders, SAT students, SAT therapists, and anyone who wants to try their hand at setting up and running a therapy group. The manual is the product of Richard Harvey’s 40 years of experience and it offers a unique approach and insights into therapeutic groupwork. Click here for more details.