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Center for Human Awakening Testimonials
The Center for Human Awakening
The Center for Human Awakening
~ The Psycho-Spiritual Teachings of Richard Harvey ~
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Testimonials from supporters of The Center for Human Awakening
"The more palpable the CCD [The Central Character Dynamic in Sacred Attention Therapy] becomes, the more I am able to catch an edge of the quite extraordinary nature of your work. Words fail, really – "extraordinary" is the best I have to hand. Surely far more than 'a new discovery': is the CCD not itself the organizing principle for the entirety of psychotherapy?! Just as evolutionary biology depends on DNA to really work, as a 'practical theory' ... isn't it the same for psychotherapy and the CCD? Truly a-mazing. I may have said this before but: thanks, if I may, on behalf of all those who will be touched by this." – Nicholas Rosseinsky, Computational Neuroscientist

"Fantastic cause, and a beautiful website with amazing resources and education! Thank you for allowing me to see your work. I wish you all of the luck and success of spreading the word of the 'Awakening Spirit' ".​ – Danielle L. Holloway, M.A., LMFT, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist emphasis on trauma with children and adolescents holistic, person-centered care 

“Make the time to learn from Richard’s unique approach to the human and spiritual-development wisdom education philosophy which Richard is being inspired to share with mankind ….” – Jansenius T. Lange Jnr, modern philosopher, author/writer, keynote public speaker, Founder/President of Self-Development Wisdom Institutes 

“Your strength, dedication and powerful focus to human life and development are a Divine gift to humanity. I am touched, moved and inspired by your motivating, life-transforming writing and work. A deep bow of appreciation from my heart and soul to you and your life-changing work, which brings happiness, self-growth and peace. You are a humble, honest, harmonious guide bringing Divine blessings to the world. I extend all respect, honor and a billion blessings to your Great work! God bless you!” – Guruji Aruneshvar, Spiritual Master of the Param Shiva Adi Nath Sect, Blue Light Foundation for Shiva, Mumbai, India

“Richard goes a way beyond the mechanistic model of a disease process. He is immensely competent to integrate two more dimensions—the 'mind' (as a psychotherapist) and 'spirituality' (as a spiritual teacher) to deal with the indolent disease process. A revolutionary approach indeed!” – Dr Dhan R Jangid, Physician, Researcher, and Administrator: 'Cardiac Imaging' & 'Integrative Holistic Cardiology'

“Richard Harvey is a psycho-spiritual psychotherapist and spiritual teacher whose work goes beyond the present day conceptual and methodological structures of psychology and spirituality. From a deep sense of caring he is refining an approach to contemporary dilemmas that is arguably the only intelligent way to address the problems of mankind’s future. I wholeheartedly endorse his work, his marvelous writings, and encourage you to pay close attention to his revolutionary courses and seminars.” – Dr Mukesh Aggarwal, MD, VHCA Herbals, CEO at Ayurveda Consultants

“Richard is a sensitive and profound holistic practitioner who presents a powerful challenge to existing modes of psychotherapy. His Three Stages of Awakening psycho-spiritual model is a breath of sanity in a field full of half-thought out theories. His deep understanding of the human psyche and spirit is a result of his vast experience and ability demonstrated over 34 years of therapy and healing.” – Katia Botta, Naturopata-Terapeuta del benessere psicofisico-Ricercatrice Spirituale

“Richard is an amazing therapist and a profound spiritual teacher. His work in the field of psycho-spiritual psychology and spiritual awakening is at the cutting-edge and his innovations for personal transformation are revolutionary.” – Roma Dworzak, Owner at DECOR Villa

“Dear Richard, Clearly your awareness emanates through your personality, energy and words. Your compassionate understanding allows people to trust you easily, and your manner of expression is easily grasped. So, this is especially wonderful when combined with male 'energy.’ I shall hold your information and writings as a great resource and treasure our connection.” – Wendy Tuttle, Spiritual/Lifeskills Consultant and Owner of Soul Blended Solutions

“Richard’s lectures are divine, sacred and blessed. They are full of deep truths that challenge and invite us to venture within to discover our true self. Richard brings the material to life and shares immensely vital material for this time in humanity’s evolution and transformation.” – Rev. Robert Meagher, Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Guidance, Ottawa, Canada

“Dear Richard, To thank you, I would like to borrow some words from Rumi’s poem, ‘The Time has Come’: the time has come/to break all my promises/tear apart all chains/and cast away all advice... as your clarity from your wonderful engaging lectures seminars brought me to this. With love and gratitude.” – Birgit Niehaus, Alternative Practitioner

“Richard talks to us from a place where I wish to be. His almost every word resounds inside me, ringing the clarion call of eternal truth. Clear, precise and readily accessible, you cannot fail to be riveted to your ears if you are ready for his message.” – George Worrell, aged spiritual student

“I am so grateful for the heartfelt wisdom Richard so willingly shares to help as I deepen my spiritual journey. His talks are rich with images, insights and knowledge from his own inspirations, challenges and discoveries. He is a sincere and humble mentor.” – S.J.

‘Richard Harvey is a skilled therapist and a modern spiritual teacher whose writings have successfully combined the everyday practicality of western psychology with the ancient wisdom of eastern philosophy. Although his “Three Stages of Awakening” is a model of clarity, there are also many other spiritual treasures to be mined here on many other different levels. Highly recommended.’ – Chuck Hillig: Author of Enlightenment for Beginners, The Way IT Is, Seeds for the Soul, Looking for God (Seeing the Whole in One), and The Magic King

‘Years later, I am still amazed at how different I am because of working with Richard Harvey. Everything that changed was for the better. His insight into spiritual matters is only rivaled by his ability to explain them. He is a genuine teacher, not blinded by spiritual pride like so many self-proclaimed “gurus.” I can honestly say that my time spent with him was one of the most eye opening experiences I’ve ever had.’ – Eric Krohn, Lab Technician at USDA

“Richard’s work is highly effective, profound and revolutionary in approach and content. I would recommend him to anyone who sincerely wishes to change and improve their life in terms of purpose, personal fulfillment and loving relationships.” – Heidi Nordlund, Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner, Tibetan Cranial Practitioner, AyurDoula and Yoga Therapist at Namaskar Healing™, LLC

“I have found Richard’s vast information and research to be unparalleled. We are grateful to have Richard and his continued help.” – René Dasher, Research & Personal Online Asst-Networking Diva

“Richard is a highly experienced and trained practitioner whose work brings about the most effective results. The principles of Sacred Attention Therapy are at the cutting edge of human psychology and I consider Richard dedicated, visionary, and highly committed to his unique work.” – Alina Flicker, Online Marketing Consultant

“In this modern time where the material forces of this world are so predominant, it is difficult for the poets of today to find a space in which they can share and exchange their creativity and inspiration. Our modern language, and our use of words, mirror mostly what preoccupies our minds and our hearts. Seldom is it used to mirror our struggle to reach our soul. Richard Harvey, in his writings, gently leads us to that place which is far beyond the material world.” – Leonard Lasalle, Artist

“Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do in making this world a better place. The journey that ultimately led me to you through Rev. Robert Meagher was via the dark night of the soul and an anguishing spiritual crisis. I discovered your profound teachings that resonated so deeply and provided me with the direction that I was desperately seeking You have truly inspired me Richard with my personal journey for growth having transformed into a passion to become a psychotherapist that offers no less than this. Thank you—for more than you know.” – Carol Upstone, spiritual psychotherapy student, Transformational Arts College, Toronto, Ontario

“Richard Harvey's work touches me deeply, profoundly, and lastingly. It inspires my own conscious evolving and guides my counseling practice in a sacred, focused, and respectful way to bring clients to balance, integrated well-being, and heart-opened awareness. I have benefited from his books, his online seminars and articles. Richard is eloquent, inspirational, and brilliant; he offers a healing presence unlike anyone I've ever worked with before. Thank you, Richard, for the wealth of growth opportunities you offer to your students, your clients, and your fans. I am honored to be among them.” – Rev. Sherry Harris, MSW, RSW, Psycho-Spiritual Counsellor, Coach, and Teacher

"I recommend for you too; to allow yourself time to discover the spiritual education wisdom understandings that Richard is being inspired to share with mankind…." – Jansenius T. Lange Jnr., modern philosopher, author/writer, keynote public speaker, Founder/President of Self-Development Wisdom Institutes

" I am touched, moved and inspired by your motivating, life-transforming writing and work. A deep bow of appreciation from my heart and soul to you and your life changing work. A billion blessings to your Great work! God bless you!" – Guruji Aruneshvar, Spiritual Master of the Param Shiva Adi Nath Sect, Blue Light Foundation for Shiva, Mumbai, India.

"Richard, you have an insight that resonates on so many levels. You are able to articulate an awareness that would otherwise just remain an innate acknowledgement. I have a broad professional background but always searched for an understanding that never quite emerged through theory and postgraduate education; your work and insight seems to make sense of that missing link for me and feeds my yearning to escape the statutory demands that don't fit with my passion for offering psycho-spiritual compassion and support. Thank you for your wisdom – it's a privilege to know you and learn from you." – Kirsty Hodgson, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, and Supervisor; Advisor on Mental Health Strategy to the House of Commons and the Scottish Parliament.

"My faith in you and your work abounds. I see you and know what you are doing. Please take my love and faith in the deepest compassion that has always existed in humanity with you wherever you go because I believe. Thank you for your divine attention! Respect lives forever in my heart." – Kristen Allis Urffer, Director of SARPANA, Yoga/Meditation Instructor, Dance Instructor, Writer and Presenter, Pennsylvania, North America

"Thank you dearest Richard, my life is more and more falling apart! But the deep fear that was scaring me when I came to therapy has completely ceased and been replaced by a deep inner feeling of love towards existence as it is and an ability to embrace and welcome whatever is experienced, even when life still does not present itself from the rosy/cosy side. I realise the choicelessness in life and am more able to flow with what is, as I dive deeply into the unknown. This is the first time in my life that I have experienced such a state of not knowing anything at all. My visions, dreams, desires and beliefs have disappeared almost totally. They have become so transparent that, as soon as I want to hold on to them, they explode like soap-bubbles. Sometimes the thought of being completely lost appears, but it’s just this unknown and new way of dealing with life that I am getting used to. While I feel I have no security at all in the outside, my inner security grows day by day. I found my new home, my heart, my inner Self, the only real Reality from where this whole outside world is merely a reflection. Once again, I love expressing my gratitude for your guidance. Thank you!!!! All love." – Bodhi Asta Fallschessel

“Dear Richard, Thank you from my heart for everything you have done to help and enlighten me. I take away with me so much, words cannot describe the gratitude I feel. I will never forget this experience. It has meant everything and more to me.” – Natalie Roberts

“Dearest Richard, I want to thank you tremendously. The work I have done with you and your influence and wisdom as a teacher, mentor, therapist, and presence in my life have been hugely valuable – it's hard to even find the right words. I think of you very often, at least weekly and sometimes daily, as I navigate life and ask myself many questions. Either something you have said to me in the past comes back up, or I will ask myself what would Richard say about this? Reflecting on the several months of therapy with you, I realize what fortune – what blessing – I received to have had that. In many ways, I count it as one of my greatest blessings. – Julia Millar, Nursing Student, North Carolina, USA

"Richard has been sharing his therapeutic philosophy with me since 1996 and during this time I have witnessed his work bring about the most dramatic, profound, and miraculous changes in people." – Susan Quick, Artistic Director at Enabling Theatre and Enabling Radio

"The words you write leave a huge impact and create a lasting memory. Words can make a relationship and your words and the way you express yourself which accelerates the mind. There is something about words. In expert hands, manipulated deftly, they take you prisoner. Wind themselves around your limbs like spider silk, and when you are so enthralled you cannot move, they pierce your skin, enter your blood, numb your thoughts. Inside you they work their magic. This is the magic of your words Richard Harvey." – Swapnali Deshmukh, Ayurvedic Doctor, Mumbai, India

"Richard's books, videos, and posts light sparks in my soul. Over the last few years Richard's work has been a reminder of love, authenticity, and a gentle guidance towards a deeper understanding of self. I have continued to gain this deeper understanding of who I am, who I want to be, and the possibility of what this all means for me and others in the future." – Haris Tzortzis, BA (hons), PGCE Primary, Diploma in Life Coaching, NLP Practitioner, Founder of Happy Light Coaching Ltd.

"I came to the retreat with not much hope of releasing the demons within. It took Richard one day and two sessions to relieve me of my abuse. I don’t believe just anybody would have been able to do this. There is something about Richard that makes you feel safe. An amazing teacher!! His ability to help you release your pain is vast. I will never forget my time spent here. I will use all the tools given to me to achieve the happiness I desire. For anybody looking for counseling on spiritual enlightenment, this is the place to go! Thank you Richard" – Kelli Barwick 

"Visiting Richard for a week’s retreat has been a life-changing experience. I am a fellow therapist and as such already felt I had great insight into my mind, emotional and behavioural states. Indeed, I do. However, on this retreat with Richard’s techniques I delved much, much deeper into myself to a new level of awareness and the way I live my life, already successful but perhaps without an understanding of me as a whole person: body, mind and soul. I cannot tell you my search for the deeper 'me' was easy: at times, tiring, draining and like a search for an old, moldy piece of jigsaw buried so deep within me, I had forgotten it was ever there. However, the expansion of myself has been exhilarating albeit challenging, but... I would not change this experience; it has been utterly life-changing and I recommend it to anyone wishing to find their true self.” – E.B., Counselor

“The sessions with you were an incredible experience. With these insights and your book as guidance I feel I have the tools to continue the path to finding my essential self.” – Robert-Jan James

“Richard Harvey is a truly realized soul, who is living the life being centered within. What he says, is the same that has been mentioned in our scriptures, and these have been said by other realized souls who have walked this planet earth, from time to time.” – Dr Sunder Srinivasan, NGO TeamAlert, Medical Director and Physician, Karnataka, India

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Testimonials from supporters of the Center for Human Awakening