Sacred Attention Therapy Online Training Testimonials

Sacred Attention Therapy Online Training Testimonials
The Center for Human Awakening
The Center for Human Awakening
~ The Psycho-Spiritual Teachings of Richard Harvey ~
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Sacred Attention Therapy Online Training Testimonials
What people are saying about SAT Online Training:

“SAT provides a comprehensive way to approach human life that is so much more than meets the eye. I really can recommend Richard Harvey’s work to healers of any sort. I am grateful for his wisdom and the clear way he expresses it.”
Tuula Saarela, Professional of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, Solution Focused Brief Therapist, Threapist and Coach, Helsinki, Finland

"I wish all success to you and the Sacred Attention Therapy Online Training Course for revealing Self-realization to so many! Blessings!"
Guruji Aruneshvar, Spiritual Master of the Param Shiva Adi Nath Sect, Blue Light Foundation for Shiva, Mumbai, India

"As I study the SAT Online Training Course, Level 1 - listening to it and understanding it - it makes me dive deeper into my inner work, leading to different insights and understandings. Sometimes after having these insights and understandings, the same message will be expressed in the Course material and accompanying slides. I recently wrote an article containing some thoughts on my understanding and experiences of the course material; and then it happened again! The same material is written in the Course material and accompanying slides. Sometimes I believe that I took this course before, maybe in a previous life. This inherent knowing makes my studies, on one hand, a very special experience - it is not just about learning, it is something much more. On the other hand, it confirms over and over again that I am learning about the Truth. Thank you for sharing the SAT Online Training with us."
Katalin Czöndör, PhD, Neuroscience researcher and Helping expert in Mental Health

"The Sacred Attention Therapy program is unique in including the wholehearted experience of professionals, as well as the spiritual aspect into this process, which is necessary in our time. We arrive with this project in the energy of expansion, which is prepared since many years. But we should not lose any more time. So this is a great chance to expand at a wonderful level with the loving energy of Richard Harvey, bringing in all his wisdom and clarity. I am happy and proud to be of any help in this project. If we learn only the traditional therapy-techniques, we stop at a certain level of development, because we cannot explain certain experiences. If we only meditate or participate in any other spiritual practices, we can overlook certain emotional patterns, which may block us or our clients. So it is an overall positive approach to participate in a program, which combines these at such a high level."
Esther Blanche Scheidler, Coach, Astrologer, and Psychotherapist

"​So often teaching therapy stops short of the connection with the spiritual, or perhaps is just not recognised by the therapist when they have entered into that sacred, and often forgotten place. The awareness of the spiritual dimension seems to require the heart chakra to first break, release the hidden pains into the field of compassion; which, in my experience, has a mysterious element to it; and then transformation occurs. There is no blue print to our development, but wholehearted honesty in every living connection seems to be a vital key to disclosing the works of love. The very best to you for your work with the Sacred Attention Therapy Online Training. The world needs the seeds to be planted!"
Marion Duff, Counsellor, FE/HE Tutor, and Supervisor, BACP, Cert Ed.

"Richard, you have an insight that resonates on so many levels. You are able to articulate an awareness that would otherwise just remain an innate acknowledgement. I have a broad professional background but always searched for an understanding that never quite emerged through theory and postgraduate education; your work and insight seems to make sense of that missing link for me and feeds my yearning to escape the statutory demands that don't fit with my passion for offering psychospiritual compassion and support. Thank you for your wisdom -- it's a privilege to know you and learn from you."
Kirsty Hodgson, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, and Supervisor; Advisor on Mental Health Strategy to the House of Commons and the Scottish Parliament.

"Richard’s teaching is a simple and direct pointing to the Truth. More importantly, Richard’s teaching is readily accessible, easily comprehended, and it produces results. Self-exploration is the only way a human being will awaken to their divine self, and Richard provides valuable, wise and loving, safe guidance to anyone serious wanting to discover, and self-realize."
Mark T. Filippo, Spiritual Counselor and writer/blogger 

What people are saying about the texts for SAT Online Training:

"Richard, I have been following your work for the last two years and always feel that it resonates with me! You simply speak truth. I have been studying your book Your Essential Self and it has been exactly what I needed. Not only is it like having my own therapist, but it has been a practical resource that enables me to delve deeper into who I am, not only as a human but as a spiritual being. Thank you!"
Haris Tzortzis, Founder and Personal Growth Coach, Happy Light Coaching Ltd, Primary School Teacher

"A wonderful book that combines eastern and western wisdom: I love authenticity, something that Richard Harvey's book "Your Essential Self" promises in its title and actualizes in its content. Too many people look to others and outward to find themselves, a perfect teacher, a perfect religion, or a perfect, imaginary future. This book invites self-exploration while gently guiding the reader along, with both psychological and spiritual wisdom. It's a beautiful book and I recommend it to all seekers of truth."
Dr. Andrea Polard, author of "A Unified Theory of Happiness" and Founder of the Los Angeles Center for Zen Psychology

"Your Essential Self is one of the most empowering and helpful books on personal and spiritual transformation I have ever read. Every page resonates with such deep understanding and compassion that you feel you are in the presence of a wise and trusted mentor. The questionnaires and exercises at the end of each chapter complement your inner work as you progress through the book at your own pace. Harvey guides you every step of the way with respect and realism, making it a joy to take this rewarding journey. I highly recommend this book."
Miriam Walker, author of A Cautious Man and The Holiday Retreat & Other Stories

"I find Richard's work to have both a simplicity and depth to it. I started with his work Essential Self; and have now moved on into his work Moksha Dawn. He has a way of bringing home the "truth" of things, enlightening with an understanding that opens a space of safety to personal discovery and awareness unlike any other that I have seen. I feel a very strong connection to his work; and for any that are ready to walk a path that beautifully blends the practical and the spiritual realms; then you will want to delve into Moksha Dawn, as well as his other works. Richard offers us the opportunity to do the "real" work on ourselves. His work is one that can also unfold layer after layer so that no matter where you are on your path you will get something out of it. You can go back time and time again and get a new piece as the layers unfold for you. If you are ready to live a sacred life, and to experience a "yes" from reading the truth on something then Moksha Dawn is a reading that you will want to journey with." 
Jesse Ann Nichols George, Code Interpretor, Scribe, Speechmaker, and Radio Show Host

"This book will add needed light to your journey, and help you see what only the willing heart can see." 
Guy Finley, international bestselling author of The Secret of Letting Go

"This is one of the most influential books I've ever read. Richard Harvey's years of being both a therapist and a spiritual guide have given him startling insights into how to make you you again. It has helped me cope with, better understand and more enjoy my life. Read this book, it will change your life." 
Eric Krohn

"Your Essential Self is a book about Self-realization and Self-knowledge by my Divine, dearest spiritual friend and awakened author Richard Harvey. You must read it – it's fantastic!" 
Guruji Aruneshvar, Spiritual Master of the Param Shiva Adi Nath Sect, Blue Light Foundation for Shiva, Mumbai, India

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