The Center for Human Awakening Psychotherapy Supervisory Group

Center for Human Awakening Psychotherapy Supervisory Group
The Center for Human Awakening
The Center for Human Awakening
~ The Psycho-Spiritual Teachings of Richard Harvey ~
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Sacred Attention Online
Group meetings for support and guidance for the psycho-spiritual journey

Led by psychotherapist and spiritual teacher RICHARD HARVEY

The first Sacred Attention Online group is now ongoing as a closed group of eight committed participants and applications to join and form a second group are invited.

The groups offer a gathering of likeminded souls to enhance, support and share the challenges, pitfalls and joys of inner work. The individual participants define the direction, themes and focus for each meeting. Each participant is invited to share how their personal and spiritual journey is appearing right now and to explore their experience of taking the next step toward unity, clarity and liberation.

Whether you are a therapist, a student of counseling/therapy, a psychological explorer or a spiritual practitioner you are welcome and accepted here without hierarchy, judgment or criticism.

If you would like to apply to participate, send an email to me at [email protected] with your name and a few details about yourself, including your reasons for wanting to participate in the group and what you need at this time in your psycho-spiritual development. The Sacred Attention Online group meets on Sundays at 12 noon CEST (Central European Summer Time) every four weeks. The meeting lasts between one hour and an hour and a half, according to need and enthusiasm.

Once I have received eight requests I will schedule a starting date for the group to begin.

Thank you and with deep respect I look forward to seeing you at the second Sacred Attention Online group!

sacred attention online
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