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~ The Psycho-Spiritual Teachings of Richard Harvey ~
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Realizing the Divine
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Tutor: Richard Harvey

Realizing the Divine is a spontaneous, channeled work. This short course offers an introspective journey through our spiritual experience to reveal the truth of our existence. Along the way, Richard Harvey explores personality cults of religious and spiritual endeavor and shares how to obtain liberation and live in a way that fully embraces spirituality and spiritual life.

Realizing the Divine consists of three video lecture presentations and a Supporting Document (pdf file) which includes the course contents, introduction, course summary, synopsis and commentary from Rev. Robert Meagher, exercises, and a bibliography.

Lecture 1: The Truth of Our Existence (34 min.)

In lecture 1 we consider:

  • Human spiritual evolution in its infancy
  • The spiritual body is the light body
  • The unreality of time and space
  • Seeing the Divine; the physical body and the spiritual essence
  • The soul and spirit in Reality
  • Spiritual experiences in early life
  • In the world and out of the world
  • Seeking and prior existence
  • Phenomena reflects noumena
  • The mutual support of arising duality
  • Our evolved future is present now
  • Everything Real is already present
  • Non-separation
  • Truth is in every event
  • Continuous experience; no barriers
  • The kaleidoscopic nature of time
  • Mind – the source of non-reality
  • The trauma of birth
  • The loneliness of self-definition
  • Spiritual practice and spiritual experience
  • The spiritual a-experience is not “other”
  • The Divine is everywhere

Lecture 2: Personality-Based Religious and Spiritual Cults (34 min.)

In lecture 2 we consider:

  • The cult of personality
  • Identity and figure-heads
  • Separation and division as products of mind
  • The mind in service to the heart
  • The mind and unreality
  • The great Tradition and the Perennial Philosophy
  • No way to Truth
  • Reality is all there is
  • One Eternal Moment
  • The delusion of distance from Reality
  • Everything is symbolic
  • The annihilation of separation
  • Projection depends on separation
  • Adaptive forms in Consciousness
  • The true reality of the spiritual teacher
  • Nothing is the condition of sacred spirituality
  • The apex of personality cults
  • The World of Three
  • Attraction and attributes
  • Humanity in its infancy
  • Leaving mommy and daddy
  • Disowning our divinity
  • Reverence for the ancestors
  • The extraordinariness of human beings
  • Nothing more than everything

Lecture 3: A Spiritual Revolution (34 min.)

In lecture 3 we consider:

  • A new paradigm
  • Replacing personality-driven spiritual cults
  • Has the world benefited from the practice of compassion?
  • Spirituality not merely proscribing behavior
  • Reverence for spirituality itself
  • The cycle of creation and destruction
  • A spiritual revolution?
  • The spiritual teacher as a parental figure
  • Only adults may enter spiritual life
  • Earthly transcendence
  • The human condition of unity reflects the divine reality of oneness
  • God as the projection of the human condition
  • Self-referencing adulthood
  • Separate psychology from spirituality
  • Eastern spirituality in western culture
  • An entirely different relationship
  • Nothing can satiate out divine longing
  • Remedial expectations of life
  • Exalted human experiences
  • Spiritual preparation, practice and discipline
  • No attainment through struggle
  • Only Reality-Truth can meet our great longing
  • Our connection to All
  • This is Truth
  • No words can convey the Truth
  • You are the very thing you seek

Realizing the Divine course from the Center for Human Awakening
Realizing the Divine
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