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~ The Psycho-Spiritual Teachings of Richard Harvey ~
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The Sacred Attention Vision
An Interactive Overview of the Way of Sacred Attention – A Radical, Innovative Approach to the Psycho-Spiritual Development of Humanity in the 21st Century
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Tutor: Richard Harvey

The scope of the Sacred Attention vision is specifically to produce, through raising awareness, healing practices, disseminating wisdom and the formation of community, a radical, authentic means to psychological and spiritual enlightenment, a movement toward individual and collective healing. Each individual’s contribution is vital and requires courage and enthusiasm, creative thought and endeavor, motivation and inspiration. Each person’s part in this initiative is invaluable and irreplaceable.

We must step outside the conventional paradigms of the day, both the ones that are obvious and the ones that are hidden. The present phase of the vision is not just the practice of another therapy borne out of western psychology. It is the start of an effort that can have lasting effect and span years and survive our lifetimes, representing a transformative force aligned with others, transforming the world through attending to the soul of the individual in her historical travail, entering life, empowering her to grow through stages of the heart to spiritual maturity, Self-realization and liberation from illusion.

The Sacred Attention Vision consists of 3 modules, 9 video lecture presentations, and a Supporting Document (pdf file) for each of the three modules which includes the course contents, introduction, course summary, notes and references, exercises, and a full bibliography with notes and guidance.


Lecture 1 - The SAT Perspective Part 1: The First Seven Years of Life, the Evolution of Western Psychology, and the 21st Century Dilemma (33 min.)

1. The formative foundation for life
2. Identity as a prerequisite
3. Four schools of human psychology 
4. The need for a meta-psychology
5. Transforming the world through attending to the individual soul
6. A world of tolerance, cooperation, and wisdom
7. The central orientation of Sacred Attention Therapy 
8. An invitation to your heart response

Lecture 2 - The SAT Perspective Part 2: The Seven Core Elements, Appearance through Personality and Character, and Transcending Conditioning (29 min.)

​9.   A detailed view of the components of the inner world 
10. The therapist’s burden 
11. The impossible search for love and intimacy 
12. The transcendence of the core elements 
13. Client resistance
14. Healing the source of unhappiness
15. The problem of suffering
16. The legacy of an ancient way

Lecture 3 - The Seven Core Elements (28 min.)

17. A detailed breakdown of the survival strategy 
18. Family Beliefs
19. Life Statements
20. Emotional-Behavioral Patterns
21. Emotional Suppression
22. Sub-Personalities
23. Character Strategies
24. The Central Character Dynamic (CCD)


Lecture 4 - The SAT Perspective Part 3: The Origins and Uniqueness of SAT, 100 years of Unprecedented Change and the Individual (32 min.)

1. A brief orientation
2. The foundations of SAT
3. A progression which bows to, but also leaves the traditions behind 
4. Therapy as relationship
5. The traditions are honored in our going beyond them 
6. The people of the lie of the self 
7. The perspective of the 20th century 
8. Overcoming Early Life Conditioning
9. The self as a central development of the 20th century

Lecture 5 - The SAT Perspective Part 4: the Repression of Responsiveness, Binding to Life and Divine Longing, Ignorance and Human Problems, Eternity and Illusion and Liberation and Spiritual Revolution (45 min.)

10. Three stories: children are naturally responsive
11. A circle of inhibition
12. The difficulty of thinking for ourselves
13. Our response to All
14. The binding of a human life
15. The roots of ignorance 
16. Therapy and the authentic binding
17. Drop your ego
18. Eternity and illusion are both here 
19. Liberation from the conditioned self 
20. Liberation from the true nature 
21. The deepest liberation of all 
22. A revolutionary new vision of human psychology
23. The liberation of free human beings 

Lecture 6: The Unique Features of SAT Teachings (50 min.)

24. The search for precedents
25. The Three Stages of Awakening
26. The Process of Self-Discovery
27. The Seven Core Elements
28. The Ancestral Tide
29. The Central Character Dynamic (CCD)
30. The Original Wound
31. The Seven Stages of Forgiveness
32. The Threshold of Transformation
33. The Authentic Self 
34. The Three Veils of Ignorance
35. The Birth of the Soul
36. The Four Stages of Ego
37. The Philozovo
38. Sacred Attention Spiritual Practice
39. Sacred Attention Discipline (Sadhana)
40. Mahanaman


Lecture 7 - The SAT Perspective Part 5: The Three Fields of Identity, Sacred Attention Spiritual Practice, Sacred Attention Discipline or Sadhana, and Mahanaman, and Three Spiritual Practices (41 min.)

1. The three fields of identity
2. The first field – curiosity and questioning
3. The second field – commitment 
4. The third field – transformation
5. Everything is egocentric
6. The analogy of the flower
7. Sacred Attention Spiritual Training (SAST) 
8. Sacred Attention Spiritual Practice
9. Sacred Attention Sadhana  
10. Mahanaman – the Great Essence
11. Three spiritual practices
12. Clarity and spiritual teachings

Lecture 8 - The SAT Perspective Part 6: Authentic Lineage, the Soul of Practice, and Enlightenment (38 min.)

13. The ancient traditions of teaching
14. The futility of organizing Truth
15. Descriptions of Samadhi
16. The Eternal Moment
17. The conception of time and space 
18. Spirituality is never an experience
19. Expressing the spiritual
20. Desires and what is to be done
21. Peace and bliss
22. Witness to the Real
23. The two-fold relationship to form 
24. Human limitations and spiritual sensibilities
25. Expressing the inexpressible
26. The structureless structure of the Divine merging 
27. Reflections on Samadhi

Lecture 9 - : A Summary of Progress through the Stages (33 min.)

28. The levels of psycho-spiritual development through the Way of Sacred Attention
29. The Three Levels of Sacred Attention Therapy
30. The two levels of Sacred Attention Spiritual Training (SAST)
31. Transitory bliss states
32. Fourth stage awakening: Mahanaman

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The Sacred Attention Vision
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