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Inner Treasure and Outer Wealth: Charging for Therapy
A Short Course for Therapists and Counselors
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Tutor: Richard Harvey

Inner Treasure and Outer Wealth: Charging for Therapy consists of three video lecture presentations and a Supporting Document (pdf file) which includes the course contents, introduction, course summary, notes and references, exercises, and a full bibliography with notes and guidance.

This short course is intended primarily for therapists and counselors, although clients, seekers, and general students may find the subject of interest. The ​course comprises the following three lectures:

Lecture 1: The Fundamental Questions of the Therapeutic Contract (40 min.)

1. Values, Worth and the Journey to the Self
2. An Overview
3. What is Money? 
4. What is Therapy?
5. The Questions and the Issues
6. The Modern Day versus Antiquity
7. Is Therapy a Job?
8. How Much is Enough and How Much is too Much? – Inward or Outward Referral
9. What is the Client Paying For?

Lecture 2: The Therapist, the Client and the Money (55 min.)

10. Two Perspectives: the Therapist’s and the Client’s
11. Do Not Put Clients Down
12. The Client Plays Victim
13. The Question of Value and Worth
14. How Many Clients Can I See?
15. How Do You Make Decisions?
16. Is there a Conflict between Therapist and Friend?
17. Financial Inequality and Survival Fears
18. The Percentage Argument
19. The Sliding Scale
20. Free Therapy
21. Who Pays for Therapy?
22. Writing a List of Charges and including What is Free

Lecture 3: Practicalities, Putting it Together and Conclusions (35 min.)

23. Demands on the Therapist
24. The Realities of Time
25. Demands on the Client
26. Tradition and Lineage Provides a Form 
27. God and Mamon: Spirituality and Materiality 
28. Need and Greed Your Own Work on Orality
29. Conclusion

Charging for Therapy course from the Center for Human Awakening
Inner Treasure and Outer Wealth:
Charging for Therapy
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