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Blogs contained here emanate from questions or responses to themes that arose in psychological and spiritual settings – sessions, groups, training workshops, etc. Please note that blog entries 64-166 are drawn from Richard Harvey’s articles page. This retrospective series of blogs spanned over 25 years; please remember when reading them that some of Richard’s thought and practice have evolved since. We hope you enjoy this blog and that you will carry on submitting your psycho-spiritual questions for Richard’s response, either through the form on our Contact Us page or in the ongoing video blog series. Thank you.

Many Roads to Truth

by Richard Harvey on 05/12/20

No representation of Truth is Truth itself. I have offended many with this revelation and no doubt I will offend many more. Your masters, your teachers, your practices, your discipline, your ways and means, your scriptures, your holy books, your sanghas—all of it is meaningless, utterly meaningless. In the face of Truth, nothing matters. Even those persons, practices, and paraphernalia you consider to be of the utmost importance and significance is as nothing to Truth itself.

If you are at all serious about spirituality, about the "journey" to Truth, about the importance of deathless love and wisdom, and the self-sourcing Divine Self that is Consciousness, which is not an event, not an experience, and entirely outside of space and time ..then please realize that everything must be sacrificed in your attempt at spiritual realization and true understanding.

There are many roads to this Truth, many ways... but there are many ways that will not lead to this Truth. When your heart has selected a road stay on it; it is the quickest way.

One Story, One Biography, One Autobiography

Today the self-consciousness of the human being has firmly immersed us in cultism. Cultism is everywhere. Cults are built inevitably around cultic figures, leaders, and often charismatic beings who hold some sway with collections of human beings. Please see through this absurdity; you cannot seek and find the Truth. Neither can you transcend the self through a deferred or preferred personality around which a set of beliefs and slogans have appeared. Please remember that the genuine spiritual master is not a personality.

It is really because of this that the idea of a spiritual autobiography is ultimately flawed. Spirituality is the annulment of the separate sense, the transcendence of the identification with the ego-I. The end of the journey is the end of the self or the end of the search and the two are synonymous.

There can only ever be one story, one biography, one autobiography, from the spiritual perspective and that is that the enlightenment of all begins in all worlds at all times, forever. There can only ever be, therefore, a spiritual autobiography.

As we sit silently, let us envision, not imagine, nor hope, but envision, the truth of this: the Divine waits for us in infinite patience, forever loving, waiting tenderly, silently, without judgment or criticism. Waiting for our return, waiting for the return of all and everyone. Meditate on this great patience, this infinite love and compassion. Let it fill your heart to the very brim until it is overflowing and the world is filling with brightness from the overflowing of infinite Love.

Richard Harvey is a psycho-spiritual psychotherapist, spiritual teacher, and author. He is the founder of The Center for Human Awakening and has developed a form of depth-psychotherapy called Sacred Attention Therapy (SAT) that proposes a 3-stage model of human awakening. Richard can be reached at [email protected].

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