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Blogs contained here emanate from questions or responses to themes that arose in psychological and spiritual settings – sessions, groups, training workshops, etc. Please note that blog entries 64-166 are drawn from Richard Harvey’s articles page. This retrospective series of blogs spanned over 25 years; please remember when reading them that some of Richard’s thought and practice have evolved since. We hope you enjoy this blog and that you will carry on submitting your psycho-spiritual questions for Richard’s response, either through the form on our Contact Us page or in the ongoing video blog series. Thank you.

Perpetual Sadhana: The Spiritual Practice and Discipline of The True Adept

by Richard Harvey on 04/29/20

At this time in our evolution it is this stage of heart-centered living that we find ourselves on the very brink of. However, as with all acts of great transformative change, resistance mounts up in an attempt to thwart us from taking the risk and suffering the instability of the process of deep change. Each and every one of us has beating within us the heart of change, of loving transformation, and it is for each one of us to find themselves worthy through the cultivation of courage and commitment, intention and discernment... to awaken to Truth, Love, and Reality itself.

God no longer is an anthropomorphized being, a loving father who will take responsibility for us. Neither are we any longer his children, neither are there anymore interceders, spiritual masters, priests, shamans, and realizers to mediate between us and the Divine source. It is here, now. There are no ways left. All ways have led us to here. There is only one way left and that is to be. This sixth level of autobiography is just that then.... we are finally ourselves.

A great sacrifice now awaits the true seeker after truth, the spiritual wanderer, the one who through life has never truly been bewitched, beguiled, or fascinated by any of the appearances of the Divine in the field of space and time. For such a one—and not all are called—the very flowering of human life is followed by autumn, by fall. He or she not only allows, but now actively relinquishes attainment for the gift of personal annulment. In truth, the dance, apparitions, drama, and spells of the ego-mind have never been other than this—a mere shadow play on the emptiness of eternity.

In that emptiness now he or she steps with all their heart, mind, will, and totality, beyond transformation or flowering or attainment or fear or desire.

This is less a level in autobiography and more the end. For this is the very earth and it is not an ending or rather it is neither an ending, nor is it a beginning. The true person resides in eternity outside of space and time. This was, is, and always will be the case.

In perpetual sadhana, the spiritual practice and discipline of the true adept now is to feel, do, and become in each moment as the Divine Person, the one who has always ever been the subject and imagined image of delusion for thousands of years—the Great Being of immeasurable love.

This Flower of Compassion

Autobiography stops here, but in order to step into this void, remember something that not only I but others have often related. Read any scripts about truth three times and in doing so they saturate through the levels of thinking, feeling, and willing, and yet, like a beautiful round or madrigal, as you near the perfection of spiritual life in whatever form that appears as you prepare to end it allows your inner eye to skate over the territory again... again.

The realms of thinking will then give way to emptiness and from there to surrender to the Divine. The realms of action will give way to inaction and emptiness and then to being the instrument of the Divine. The realms of feeling emotion will give way to a depth of true homogenous feeling and "feeling with" that transcends empathy and then you will give this feeling into the keeping of the Divine. The sum of the parts, the totality of yourself, will merge into Oneness, and then with the All, and become nothing that can be related to at all. The transformation will modulate in to the ever-arising and subsiding forms of so-called creation as the ground of being submits and gives way to the restlessness of souls in turmoil and great flowering replaces, or rather expands out of your memories of personal flowering, into a huge flower, the world flower, the world consciousness. Universal oneness and Love is its center, its stem, and its petals. All is this flower of compassion, Light, Truth, and blissful Consciousness.

Richard Harvey is a psycho-spiritual psychotherapist, spiritual teacher, and author. He is the founder of The Center for Human Awakening and has developed a form of depth-psychotherapy called Sacred Attention Therapy (SAT) that proposes a 3-stage model of human awakening. Richard can be reached at [email protected].

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1. Manuel said on 5/3/20 - 11:06PM
Truth flowed into his words , so that they were never untrue

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